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Exchanges and Stays Abroad

Globeducate's network of schools makes it possible for students to go on exchanges, summer courses or boarding stays at prestigious schools worldwide which complement the trips included in the academic programme. A unique opportunity to live very valuable international experiences..

Curricular Exchanges and Stays 

At Agora Portals International School, students are encouraged to improve their language skills via many different approaches, one of these being participation in exchanges with pupils from schools in other countries. Students spend a period of time at the home of a student in a different country, thereby getting the opportunity to practise their language skills independently and to immerse themselves in another culture. In this way our pupils become more open to other cultures and nationalities, developing a positive and open approach and the skills that they will need for a successful professional future.

We arrange exchanges with other schools such as EIB Monceau Paris in France, another school belonging to the Globeducate Group, or with Europaschule Troisdorf and Phorms Campus Berlin Süd in Germany. These exchanges help our students to become more responsible and independent, encouraging them to make better decisions and helping them to practise their language skills and embrace new cultures.


Academic year in Stonar, England

Our boarding programme at the prestigious English school Stonar, part of the Globeducate group, offers our students the experience of being part of this school for one term, two terms or a full academic year. The school, with 120 years of experience and a campus of more than 32 hectares, provides them with a privileged environment next to the city of Bath and 90 minutes from London, with small classes, all kinds of leisure activities and the possibility of following the British curriculum without ever losing contact with their local tutor.

In addition to its excellent academic programme and complete facilities, Stonar offers students the opportunity to improve their knowledge in a context of linguistic immersion and in the company of students from all over the world, with whom they live 24 hours a day, sharing experiences and forging lifelong friendships.

The comfortable residences in which boarding students are housed are designed for their optimal academic development, avoiding unnecessary travel and any other distractions outside the campus. When it comes to enjoying their free time, students have common areas with wifi, television, DVD player and video game consoles.

And the best of Stonar happens outdoors: boarding students have at their disposal all the sports facilities of the centre, where they can practise tennis, horseback riding, swimming or soccer with their new friends. They have the opportunity to completely relax and socialise with classmates from all over the world in a context of fraternisation and solidarity: learning from the older ones and supporting the younger ones.

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Summer in Stonar, England

Learning a language abroad is a great experience for growth. The Stonar campus is located in a geographically unbeatable environment, very close to the city of Bath and only 90 minutes from London. It has comfortable residences where students can stay and enjoy all the necessary common areas. In addition, the campus has all kinds of facilities such as sports centres and swimming pools, technology classrooms and music studios to have fun during their stay.

In the mornings the students will have classes in English, in which interaction between students from different countries is encouraged and conversational skills are stimulated through dynamic activities that keep the students active at all times. Throughout each week there are 15 hours of classes and at the end of the course a certificate is obtained.

In addition to language study, the afternoons are complemented with leisure activities such as tennis, horseback riding, volleyball, badminton, soccer, swimming, painting or theatre, and in the evenings there are other activities such as team competitions or karaoke. On the other hand, students are also given the opportunity to get to know the country better with excursions to Cardiff Castle, Bristol, Oxford or London, among many other destinations.

The summer at Stonar School is designed for boys and girls from 10 to 16 years old with the objective of learning, improving and practising English while having fun with all the activities offered in a natural environment with infinite possibilities.

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