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Sport Centre

The sports facilities at Agora Portals International School have been developed in line with our fundamental belief that a comprehensive, all-round education involves a broad and integrated approach and that sport plays an essential role in this process. Our sports centre has extensive outdoor activity areas and an indoor Sports Hall, which is fully equipped to help our students maximise their potential in this essential area of their overall development.Agora Portals International School’s site and buildings are adapted to meet the needs of each age and discipline and have been carefully designed and built to incorporate best practice in educational architecture. Our sporting facilities cater for a very wide range of sports and physical activities, including basketball, handball and tennis courts, an indoor swimming pool and sports centre, a municipal soccer pitch and much more. The sports centre also offers an information service for parents and a cafeteria.

There are 5 main sports departments: Multi-sports (including rhythmic gymnastics, volleyball and basketball); Soccer and rugby; Swimming; Athletics and Chess. The sports centre accommodates our own pupils and students from other schools, and our teams compete in local affiliated leagues. Teams from our International Chess Academy, Agora Megaescacs, are champions of Majorca and the Balearic Islands, and some of our individual players are Spanish Champions in their particular disciplines.

In addition to our on-site sporting facilities, Agora Portals International School is located in a beautiful conservation area, where the natural environment and landscape are carefully protected. This is the ideal environment for our students to access outdoor sports activities. Due to our proximity to the sea and our close collaboration with the Cala Nova Sailing Club, our students are offered the opportunity to combine their academic studies with sail training.

Our sports facilities:

  • Indoor sports hall
  • 25-metre indoor swimming pool
  • Changing rooms
  • Coaches and trainers staff room
  • Multi-sports areas
  • Tennis courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Handball courts
  • Municipal football pitch
  • International Chess Academy



Our indoor sports hall has facilities for Rhythmic Gymnastics, Volleyball and Basketball.

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics: for children aged from 6 to 14 years old, who compete both as individuals and in teams.
  • Basketball: for our smallest sports boys and girls we have basketball teams for Pre-Mini (Primary Years 3 and 4) and Mini (Primary Years 5 and 6)
  • Volleyball: we have volleyball teams for children competing at “Alevin” level (Primary Years 5 and 6) and in the “Infantil” category (for pupils in the first and second years of secondary school).

Football Academy

Our football and rugby teams help our students to develop personal skills such as perseverance, self-discipline, confidence, team-work and cooperation.

  • Football: We have teams competing in the “Pre-Benjamín” category (Primary Year 1 and 2), “Benjamín” (Primary Year 3 and 4), “Alevín” (Primary Year 5 and 6) and “Infantil” (for pupils in the first and second year of secondary school).
  • Rugby: Our rugby teams compete in the Under 10, 12 and 14 categories.


Our indoor 25-metre swimming pool allows us to ensure that all our students learn how to swim, which, as well as being extremely important in terms of personal safety, is an excellent vehicle for the development of general fitness, confidence and well-being. Student’s families are also able to join our Swimming Club and use lanes set aside in the pool at various times of the day and in the evenings. Other water-based activities such as Aqua Gym are also available and swimming lessons can be arranged upon request with specialist swimming coaches and trainers.


As well as learning a range of specific physical skills, our Athletics programmes are designed for fun, motivation and enjoyment. Athletics offers a wide range of physical benefits including strength, speed, coordination, flexibility and stamina, but participation in athletic activities also helps to develop mental strength in areas such as self-discipline, perseverance, confidence and determination.



Learning and developing skills in Chess offers our pupils multiple mental and intellectual benefits. Chess requires mental agility and the ability to think strategically, anticipate your opponent’s moves, and work out how to solve each set of problems as they arise. Playing chess regularly helps to develop critical thinking processes and inherent mental skills that are useful in all areas of life, and allows children to be creative and imaginative whilst finding a balance between emotional and rational thought. For these reasons, at Agora Portals chess forms an important part of our main school curriculum.

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