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Guidance and Educational Psychology Department

Agora Portals International School’s Educational Psychology Department is formed by a group of 6 highly-trained and experienced professionals in child psychology, learning difficulties and special education. They specialise in the following areas: Child and adolescent psychology, Educational psychology, Specific learning difficulties, Gifted and Talented children, Special Educational Needs (SEN), Therapeutic intervention to assist learning, Differentiated teaching methodsSince its inception in 2008, Agora Portals International School has become nationally renowned for our work with the Student Care Programme which, via our Educational Psychology Department, focuses on helping children with specific learning difficulties. The key to the success of this programme lies in the close collaboration that is maintained between all the people involved in the pupil’s learning process. Clearly defined action plans and agreed objectives are identified for each student under our care and we work together along every step of the way to ensure that each student is kept on track with their learning goals.

At Agora Portals International School our work is based upon structured, cumulative and multi-sensory intervention programmes adapted to suit the individual needs of each pupil. Our work is supported by the use of audio-visual materials, practical tasks, and specialised resources, study techniques and learning strategies that are tailored to meet the specific learning needs of each individual student and to ensure meaningful access to the learning process and successful fulfilment of their educational goals.

The Educational Psychology Department has 3 principal functions:

  • Action to ensure student care and wellbeing
  • Action to assist the teaching team
  • Other activity and collaborations

Other activities that are not directly associated with Agora Portals International School pupils and teachers, involve educational inclusion projects that have been developed by Agora Portals International School, such as our scheme to welcome children with cerebral palsy to our school for a week each year, and the creation of a basketball team for students with Down’s Syndrome. Besides confirming the role of Agora Portals as leading light in the field of special needs within Spain, this type of initiative is perfectly in line with our school’s overall educational vision and the values upon which our educational philosophy is based.

Individual Student Care

The key to the success of our Educational Psychology Department is the personal attention that we offer to each of the students under our care. The department prepares and monitors individual action plans to ensure that each pupil can progress at their own pace. Students are given academic and professional guidance and advice to enable them to identify and work towards their goals and objectives, and to organise their study time more productively.

For new pupils joining the school, the Educational Psychology Department provides the necessary support for teachers, families and pupils, facilitating the sharing of information between the parties involved and offering advice and guidance on the integration process to ensure that the transition takes place as smoothly as possible. The welfare, happiness and wellbeing of the pupil is at the heart of everything that we do.

Attention to diversity and psychological evaluation

Attention to the diverse needs of each of our students is essential to detect and respond to the principal difficulties students may experience during the learning process. The Educational Psychology Department helps to identify and deal with a range of learning and emotional difficulties, including attention deficit disorders, problems with reading and writing, relating to classmates, behaviour or age-related issues, and also addresses the specific needs associated with high-functioning children who may fall into the gifted and talented or intellectually precocious range.

Support for Families and Teachers

The Educational Psychology Department works in close collaboration with tutors, teachers and families in order to keep every pupil moving forward. The department is open to consultation with families and encourages family participation in each child’s educational journey, organising talks for the “Parenting School” and debates and workshops designed to facilitate integral development. The department plays an important role in the communication process between families and teachers, coordinating the work of the teaching teams to ensure that families are kept updated with the most relevant information about their child’s progress at all times.

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