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Workshops in the Aula del Mar classroom

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Workshops in the Aula del Mar classroom

As part of the interdisciplinary project Agora Posidonia Experience, the object of which is to introduce the marine environment and its conservation into the classroom, each term we organise specific workshops on the marine environment in the Aula del Mar for all of our students (from Infant to Secondary).

The Aula del Mar, inaugurated in 2020, is a totally innovative space specially designed to encourage concentration and, at the same time, creativity of our students. Last week our 3rd year students went to the Aula del Mar where they learned more about the importance of the identification labels that guarantee sustainable fishing and the youngest 4 year olds learned more about the water of the oceans and our seas.

Offering experiences outside the classroom makes our students feel more motivated to learn and at the same time awakens their curiosity about their environment and its preservation. As a result of this, our 2nd ESO students had a wonderful experience on board a boat where they collected plankton samples and analysed them later in the classroom, as well as the diving baptism that our 1st ESO students did in our swimming pool where they were guided by experienced instructors who taught them the basics of scuba diving, buoyancy and the importance of safety underwater.

All of these experiences will undoubtedly help them to become responsible adults capable of shaping the world.

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