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The importance of education

The importance of education

In a recent interview for the programme of Canal 4 «Avui Actualitat», the headmaster of Agora Portals International School explained the importance of offering our children a good education based on internationalization, music and emotional and personal development, among other main pillars.

In the case of Agora Portals, the educational project is based on the study of languages, with English being the main language and Chinese from the age of five onwards. Music is also an essential component of the programme, where students develop their talent with different instruments.

Finally, Rafael Barea highlights that these main pillars, together with values, sports and educational excellence, are what makes Agora Portals an exemplary school which has just reached ten years of commited teaching to more than a thousand students who form part of this educational community.


Click here for the full interview of Rafael Barea for Canal4

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