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Graduation 2023-2024

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Graduation 2023-2024

Agora Portals International School celebrates its 12th promotion with 66 graduates at a unique and memorable gala where 30 of them began their studies at the prestigious centre when they were 2 and 3 years old.

The educational centre founded in 2008 dressed up for the most important event of the academic year. The event was attended by Mr. Antoni Bennasar Arbós, President of the Social Council of the UIB, where family members, students and the school's teaching staff gathered to celebrate the end of the school year of the 66 students who graduated from both the National Baccalaureate and the IB Diploma.

In addition, 9 of the graduates have obtained the Professional Music Teaching Certificate after 12 years of education at the prestigious school. As Mr. Barea, Director of Agora Portals remarked, "the music project at Agora Portals is unique in Spain, and these pupils who today obtain the Professional Music Education qualification, as well as the more than 500 pupils at the school who are studying music as part of orchestras, bands and different ensembles, have my full admiration".

The gala included messages and endearing moments from the pupils and teachers, bringing their school years to a close, and was accompanied by the magnificent Agora Orchestra, which performed very significant pieces such as Yesterday by the Beatles and Viva la Vida by Cold Play.

Agora Portals International School is characterised by being a plural and international school with an individualised education focused on developing each pupil's talents. It was the first school to implement the IB Diploma 15 years ago with an outstanding average and is the only school in the Balearic Islands to be recognised as one of the top 100 schools in Spain by FORBES magazine, and last year one of its National Baccalaureate pupils obtained the best grade in the Balearic Islands.


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