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Discovering professions

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Discovering professions

As part of the academic orientation programme, we have carried out a new project aimed at 4th ESO students with the main objective of continuing to build bridges between education and business and give students the opportunity to get closer to the real world and have a clearer vision of different professions.

Our students had the choice of seven different types of companies and selected the company that best suited their interests. Among the professions explored in this activity there were: IT, architects, lawyers and notaries, banking and investments, hospitality, biologists, real estate, doctors, nurses, pharmacy and laboratory, physiotherapists, television, radio and communication.

This outing has allowed the students to experience first-hand what day-to-day life is like in their chosen profession and the opportunity to be accompanied by leading professionals who have provided them with valuable information and answered their questions.

As our secondary school coordinator, Pilar Fortuny, says "It has been a very enriching and motivating experience for the students, and will help them to make informed decisions about their academic and professional future". Although it is not only the profession chosen but also the ability to integrate into a team, as Robbie said, "I was surprised by the importance of teamwork and the good atmosphere that was reflected".

The visit took place at a time when the students are in the middle of choosing their subjects for next year. In this way, they will be able to confirm whether their professional orientation is correct and they will have a first contact with the real world. As Marc told us: "Banking is an iceberg, I had only seen the top and today I have been able to discover everything that lies underneath".

Special thanks to those who have made this possible: Arquitectura 81, Banca March, Bufete Bellapart-Feliu, Fibwi, Engels and Volkers, Jose Galietero, Hospital Quiron Palma Planas, Marineland and RIU Hotels.

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