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Agora Portals International School opens its doors to artificial intelligence with the Agora Innovation Centre

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Agora Portals International School opens its doors to artificial intelligence with the Agora Innovation Centre

This private school will be the spearhead for all Agora International schools in Spain and Andorra with the inauguration of this new classroom of more than 180m2 which comprises the most advanced technology as well as the tools to develop the new subject "Technology, robotics and coding" aimed at pupils from the age of 5 to 4th of ESO.

As Rafael Barea, head of Agora Portals, points out, "The Agora Innovation Centre arises from the educational need to rethink the design of the traditional classroom towards a versatile and reconfigurable school space organised into different learning areas which allow interaction, research, development, exchange, creation and presentation of activities and resources".

In the design of classrooms and all the educational activities to be carried out in them, three basic pillars must be guaranteed: pedagogy, technology and inspiring spaces, where each element only makes sense through its conjunction with the rest.

This new innovative space of 180m2 is specially designed to allow students and teachers to develop their full potential by incorporating the latest educational tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters, virtual reality glasses, robots, etc... enabling our students to develop computational thinking and encourages imagination and creativity.

Therefore, from the 2023-24 academic year, computational thinking will be introduced as part of the curriculum in all years from Infant 5 to 4th of ESO, with the implementation of the subject "Technology, Robotics & Coding", so that we will resolutely promote digital competence in pupils, with a commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship.

"It has been a very exciting event not only because the Agora Innovation Center amplifies the learning opportunities for our students, but also because it is a demonstration of how teamwork and collaboration between schools is one of the great advantages of being part of a group like Globeducate." 
Carolina Rodríguez-Inciarte, CEO Spain & Andorra

Similarly, this innovative space is going to develop a Space Week, in fact, a group of pupils from Agora Portals are going to take part in a project which is unprecedented until now, as at the beginning of next year they will be able to enjoy a week at NASA.

The novelty that will most impress students and teachers is the incorporation of a robot in the classroom: AINSTEIN JUNIOR.

Ainstein Junior is an educational platform focused on STEAM education, which integrates 3D printing, Raspberry Pi and Python programming with artificial intelligence. Its mission is to empower students and teachers to understand, develop and innovate using AI.

The user-friendly Ainstein Junior was created as a smaller, non-moving version of its predecessor, Ainstein (a human-sized robot that integrated AI). It is about one-metre tall and can be easily transported and built by students. Furthermore, the Junior version includes an extra set of "AI brains", allowing students to develop their own version. Students participating in Ainstein Junior's educational platform do not only learn about cutting-edge technologies; but are also encouraged to unleash their creativity and imagination. The user-friendly design of the platform, coupled with the additional set of "AI brains", allows students to develop their own unique characters, each with their own distinctive personalities and abilities.

The platform was developed by a secondary school teacher and a 16-year-old student from another Globeducate school located in Cyprus with whom we will be carrying out frequent collaborations. 

We believe this project has the potential to transform the way we think about education and technology and will give our students the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century.

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