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Agora Portals is awarded the Green Flag

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Agora Portals is awarded the Green Flag

After three years in the Eco Schools programme, the ADEAC assessment committee has awarded the green flag to Agora Portals International School, a distinction awarded to schools who aim to disseminate and improve environmental education for sustainable development.

The Green Flag is a worldwide initiative created in 1992, organised in Spain by the Association for Environmental and Consumer Education (ADEAC) which has an international network of 59,000 schools in 68 countries around the world.

One of our fundamental pillars is our aim to educate students in values so that they become responsible adults capable of shaping the world. For this reason, three years ago, we developed a comprehensive project that promotes sustainability and regeneration, involving the entire educational community in environmental and social transformation, with the aim of conserving and improving the environment for future generations, promoting the active participation of teachers, students and their families.

This is an educational project common to all Globeducate schools in which 8 of our schools in Spain have obtained this distinction this year (Agora Lledó International School, Agora Barcelona International School, Agora Portals International School, Agora Madrid International School, Colegio Areteia, Ocastro British International School, Coruña British International School and St George’s British International School).

The general director of Agora International schools in Spain and Andorra, Sr. Vicenç Gandol, presented the Green Flag to Sr. Rafael Barea, headmaster of the private school, on Wednesday 23rd  November at 11am at Agora Portals School in an event which was attended by the Mayor of Calvià, Sr. Alfonso Rodriguez.

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