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Agora Portals International School celebrates its first Space Week

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Agora Portals International School celebrates its first Space Week

Agora Portals International School, in collaboration with the Pascal centres in Cyprus, has hosted its inaugural Space Week. This unique event is specifically designed to inspire and nurture the talents of each of our pupils, opening the doors to the vast universe of space.

From the youngest in Early Years Education to the oldest students in Baccaulareate, all our learners have been immersed in a variety of activities designed to unleash their curiosity and foster their creativity. In Year 5, our future astronomers have worked together to create a scale model of the solar system, while in Year 3, our young explorers have enjoyed an exciting virtual reality adventure to uncover the secrets of the planets. But the excitement doesn't end there; our 3ºESO students had the unique opportunity to explore the space station in a virtual reality tour that has allowed them to experience the sensation of weightlessness visually. And for a group of 2ºESO students, the challenge of designing, building, and launching their own rockets has been an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their ingenuity and determination. Furthermore, the students attended a conference by Dr Juan Bauza from the Universitat de les Illes Balears, saw satellite images, and interacted with an expert in image transmission and interpretation.

The highlight of this week was on Wednesday when a balloon was launched from the Pascal School in Cyprus. The balloon carried our seeds to the stratosphere to develop research, which will continue in the coming weeks at our own school. The launch was dedicated especially to Agora Portals and was directed by Elpidoforos Anastasiou.

Since the inauguration of the Agora Innovation Centre almost a year ago, under the coordination of Carlos Darder, we have been committed to providing our students with the tools and opportunities they need to reach for the stars. This Space Week is just the latest example of our commitment to opening new doors to their talents and passions, and we are excited to see where this thrilling week of space exploration will take them.

As our head of School Rafael Barea, indicates, we eagerly anticipate that this inaugural edition of Space Week will mark the beginning of an incredible journey filled with possibilities for our students, as with their dedication and our continued commitment to educational excellence, there are no limits for them to achieve their greatest dreams.

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