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Agora Portals celebrates School Day for Nonviolence and Peace

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Agora Portals celebrates School Day for Nonviolence and Peace

The School Day of Nonviolence and Peace (DENYP) has been commemorated every 30 January since 1964, as it was the date of Mahatma Gandhi's death. On this special date, values such as tolerance, respect and solidarity are promoted to maintain an atmosphere of peace and harmony in schools around the world.

The whole Agora Portals community, families, students and teachers, took part together in the celebrations organised by the school, wearing white as a symbol of unity, thus showing our commitment as defenders of peace and understanding between people from different backgrounds and ways of thinking.

All educational stages have been working on different projects: the Secondary School students have carried out a silent march for Peace with banners reflecting the main phrases and actions carried out by world leaders for Peace such as Ghandi, Malala or John Lennon among others; in addition, 3 students have read their poems for peace and a representative of the Student Council of this stage has read a manifesto on behalf of all their classmates.


The Primary School pupils represented a giant white flag as the symbol chosen this year by Unicef to commemorate this day and the representatives of their Student Council read a manifesto with their conclusions about a world in Peace. The youngest children in the Infants' class were placed on the football pitch to represent a huge symbol of peace, carrying and waving the flags that they had made in the classrooms with messages about their vision of a world without violence.

All of this was accompanied by a spectacular performance by the Agora Portals Band of the Hymn of Joy and the song We are The World, as well as a performance by the Agora Choir and the 6th Primary pupils, bringing the celebrations to a close.

In the words of the headmaster, Rafael Barea, "How nice it was to share this day where we could unite and share our vision of a world in peace and without violence. "

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