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Agora Portals at COP26

Agora Portals at COP26

Promises made by Agora Portals International School students along with two other schools from Globeducate schools about the changes they will make to ensure a positive impact on the future of our planet were on display in the centre of the Blue Zone at COP26 in Glasgow between 31 October and 12 November. In addition, some of our student-directed films will play alongside the Globeducate manifesto film

As part of Globeducate, Agora Portals International School benefits from a unique partnership with WWF and we are committed to developing as an Eco-School. In the last two years, when we started working to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals set for 2030, our pupils participated in activities with WWF experts. Thanks to this important relationship, Globeducate students were invited to contribute Promise Leaves to the WWF Promise Tree, which occupied the centre of the COP 26 Blue Zone, used for key negotiations.

These messages of hope from our students are addressed to those responsible for the future of our planet. We are sure you will agree that being invited to be part of this important global event is evidence that our work with students is being recognised. Our students have a voice and can and will become global citizens capable of changing the world.  We thank all our families for all they do to support sustainability in our local community.

Through our environmental committee we can say that our students are actively involved in waste reduction, recycling, beach cleaning, reducing plastic consumption, among others, which makes them responsible citizens of the planet.

To our teachers, students and families: Thank you for making this tree grow strong, and again, contributing to shape the world.

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