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Agora Portals – A Values-based education

Agora Portals – A Values-based education

Agora Portals International School is noted for excellent results and a forward-thinking and innovative learning methodology. The school puts the student at the heart of the learning process, aiming to provide a personalised and supportive educational environment. A multilingual approach, a strong focus on the importance of personal and social values and an excellent musical training help to make Agora Portals much more than just a school.

The school is situated in Portals Nous, Calvià, and has been established as a successful educational centre for eight years. We educate over thousand students each year and pride ourselves on providing more than just a broad and balanced academic education; we focus on educating the whole child with the whole school community working together to bring out the best in each of our students. The school forms part of the NACE Schools group, which is the largest educational group in Spain and the fifth largest worldwide. All NACE School share common core educational values including multilingualism, an emphasis on music, sports and cocurricular activities, incorporation of new technologies and the opportunity for our senior students to study for the well-respected, pre-university qualification, the International Baccalaureate (IB).

The School’s motto is “Dignity, Respect and Effort”, and at Agora Portals International School our educational system is based on promoting fundamental values and encouraging each of our students to make the most of their abilities via an innovative and personalised programme. Using this methodology, the school has achieved 100% pass rate in Selectividad; and due to the very high level of English acquired by our students, they are fully prepared to apply to the most prestigious universities worldwide. Students at Agora Portals have demonstrated their ability levels in English, Maths and Science at an international level via their success in the PISA tests, where they scored higher than the average for the best schools in Japan, Singapore and Finland.

The school’s educational philosophy is based on four core values; a multilingual education with English as the lingua franca, access to the prestigious International Baccalaureate programme, and a range of other languages including Mandarin Chinese, German or French; emotional intelligence as a foundation for learning with a special emphasis on a Values-based education; development of creative and musical skills including the opportunity to learn a musical instrument or participate in the choir or orchestra; a focus on physical development and participation in various sports including swimming, soccer, rhythmic gymnastics, yoga, etc.

The school has excellent facilities and is perfectly equipped to serve the academic, recreational, sporting and cultural needs of its students, with specially adapted classrooms, an indoor pool, an excellent sports centre, football pitches, basketball and tennis courts, a cafeteria, dining room, fully equipped kitchens, etc.
The school’s fundamental objective is to prepare all its students to succeed both personally and professionally within the international community.


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