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Letter from the Headmaster

Dear families,

" It is a pleasure and a source of pride for me to be able to address you as Head of Agora Portals International School, a task which I carry out with great enthusiasm and commitment, aware of the importance of being able to work day by day for the good of our children's education. For this important task, I count on the help and maximum dedication of an extraordinary team of people who continually strive to ensure that, by attending to diversity, our pupils achieve the best possible results, aware that education and training are the pillars which will help them to achieve their goals and become responsible adults who can shape the world to make it a better place for everyone.

In a world in constant innovation and evolution, as professionals responsible for education, we must be able to develop and enhance the individual talents of each student and foster a series of attributes such as tolerance, teamwork, solidarity and open-mindedness, as well as an education in values such as effort and responsibility, which will enable them to develop essential skills to adapt to these changes and know how to successfully face them in their personal and professional future.

Knowing that the best inheritance we can leave our children is their education, I hope that these pages may be of use to them, and with the hope of being able to welcome them soon in our Centre, I send them my warmest greetings."

Rafael Barea

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